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North Crescent Primary School

Parent zone

At North Crescent we are commited to our home school partnerships. Please provide us with your suggestions and feedback. 

  • Stefanie 1 year ago
    Please can you look into different methods of paying for school dinners, rather than bringing cash/cheque in. Like either chip and pin machine, or via the Internet on Parent pay. Thanks
  • Leigh Sellwood 1 year ago
    Hi Stefanie We did trial this system 2 years ago but only 6 parents took it up. I will look into arranging a further trial in the spring term. Hope this helps. Leigh Sellwood
  • miss walker 1 year ago
    Hi could you tell me what order the reading book colours go in please
  • Miss Baker 1 year ago
    The book colours are related to year groups and are also levelled in relation to your child's understanding. A teacher will not move a child up to a higher level if they are unable to tell you what the book they read was about. If you have any further queries about your child's book level or whether they are reading at the level they should be please speak to your child's teacher at drop in or make an appointment. Hope that helps, Miss Baker Lilac Pink Red Yellow Blue Green Orange Turquoise Purple Gold White Lime Copper Topaz Ruby Emerald Sapphire Diamond Free reader.
  • Wimpy 1 year ago
    You put the lime in the counoct and drink the article up.

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